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Gardening Without a Garden: Ideas for Your Patio or Balcony

There are very few things that are more satisfying than growing your own food.  Spruce up your patio or balcony with your own Pallet Garden by growing your own herbs & veggies!  What to do? Here is a gardening project that will work on your patio or balcony!

EASY DIY Pallet Garden: 

• Find a Pallet. Most likely you'll find one behind a supermarket near the dumpsters so it's FREE!

• Prepare the Pallet. Repair any loose boards and add landscape fabric to the back so you don’t damage the wall that the pallet will rest against.  A fun tip is to take chalkboard paint on the front of the pallet so you can write in what you are growing (pictured)!

• Pick Your Plants.  A few favorites that work well in a pallet garden are thyme and basil and rosemary.  (That will also make your patio smell lovely!)  Purchase some gardening soil and fill in the pallet, and simply plant your herbs or veggies, and watch them grow!

• Enjoy!